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9LIVES Group's Chief Operating Officer

Jonathon Babek is a management consultant with a strong history of entrepreneurship and building start-up companies. Over 20 years, his career spans several different industries across multiple continents, establishing his first business at 15 years old, buying old cars and selling the parts. This progressed into a design and manufacturing firm that he developed while completing an Engineering degree at Lehigh University.


Jon continued his career as an engineer in professional motorsports, contributing to 16 wins in the top-level CART and NASCAR racing series. 


After obtaining an MBA, Jon developed and expanded a privately-owned family business that manufactured machinery for the heavy clay industry in the USA, Europe, China and Australia. By navigating this 150-year-old business into an entirely new industry, the business grew to 100x the size of the clay industry.    


Jon is an effective communicator, able to bridge the divide between customers, sales executives and technical teams, and explain complicated concepts and strategies in a mutually intelligible manner. As a solutions-orientated business consultant, Jon maintains close relationships with clients, guiding their development and harnessing results through detailed analysis. Through his expertise and experience, startups under his guidance have continued to grow and progress across a broad range of sectors, including: cosmetics, nutraceuticals, agricultural equipment, tire processing, paint manufacturing and college rentals.  


Jon brings an enterprising skillset to 9 Lives. His specialties include: business development, strategy, metrics capture and quantitative analysis, communications, B2B, quantitative market research, R&D.

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